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Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour with Elaine Marie Cooper

Posted by elainemcooper on November 12, 2012

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I am thrilled to be a part of the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour, where we promote the books that we hope will bless you.

This blog post will tell you about my Deer Run Saga, a historical romance series that focuses on two generations of a family in New England, beginning in the American Revolution. The first two books in this series have received numerous awards, including the nomination of The Road to Deer Run as Finalist in the 2011 Grace Awards contest. I am delighted and honored to introduce you to my three books:

The Road to Deer Run (Book 1)
British soldier Daniel Lowe has been captured after being wounded at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. He escapes from his captors and hides in the woods to die, only to be rescued by Mary Thomsen, an American farmwoman.

As his festering wound heals, his gratitude to the woman who saved him transforms into love. But as an enemy soldier, he is endangering Mary, as well as her widowed mother and little sister.

As he desperately tries to hide his identity, he is faced with numerous obstacles: exposure by the local Patriots, an attack by a British deserter intent on assaulting Mary; and his worst nemesis, the American soldier who loves Mary and figures out who Daniel really is.

The Road to Deer Run won Honorable Mention in Romance at the 2011 Los Angeles Book Festival, Finalist in Religious Fiction at the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, and won Best Romantic Excerpt in the online contest, Clash of the Titles.

What makes The Road to Deer Run perfect for Christmas reading and gifting?
For readers looking for well-researched historical fiction, they should consider this novel filled with romance as well as action and adventure. As the first book of the saga, it sets the scene for the series, which readers repeatedly tell me keeps them up late at night with the intensity of the plot. And the love story amidst the spiritual growth in the characters will draw readers into the tale of Daniel and Mary. A perfect read while cuddling with your Christmas sweetheart—or dreaming of finding a sweetheart under your tree!

The Promise of Deer Run (Book 2)

America’s war for freedom from England has been over for seven years, but the wounds of that conflict still plague the minds and hearts of the residents of Deer Run.

Young American veteran Nathaniel Stearns, suffering from the memories of war that haunt him in the night, has withdrawn to a life of isolation. He still awaits his father who never returned from the war—a mystery that haunts him.

He is brought out of his self-imposed exile by a near-tragedy in the woods that brings him face-to-face with nineteen-year-old Sarah Thomsen, someone he had long admired but he assumed had eyes for another. This chance encounter opens a crack into the door of his heart as mutual affection quickly blooms.

But slander and lies soon mar the budding romance, rendering both Sarah and Nathaniel wounded and untrusting as their faith in both their God and each other is shattered. Set in 1790 and filled with rich detail of the era, this book continues the story of the Thomsen and Lowe families as they struggle to survive in the aftermath of the war that birthed the United States.

The Promise of Deer Run won Best Romance at the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival, and was a Finalist in Religious Fiction for the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year contest.

What makes The Promise of Deer Run perfect for Christmas reading and gifting?
This is the perfect book for anyone that has a loved one that suffers from war-related post-traumatic stress. The healing and spiritual growth that occurs in the characters of Nathaniel and Sarah will bring inspiration to those seeking hope when the world seems dark. And the romance? It will set the heart fluttering! There is a surprise Christmas story in this book as well. Be sure to have your tissues handy.:)

The Legacy of Deer Run (Book 3)

In the year 1800, Danny Lowe makes weapons for the defense of America, still a fledgling nation. He also protects his heart from the allure of Susannah, a young woman who seems so far above his station in life that he cannot win her.

She fights her own war against loneliness and grief. Despite her finery and airs, Susannah is drawn to the young armory worker, who is distant yet disarming.

Love is the not the only entanglement. The nation’s enemies are afoot. They creep within the very walls where America’s defenses are being forged. Who are they? When will they strike? Who will survive their terrorism?

Intrigue of the heart and intrigue of the times are only part of this compelling story. This series finale is a gripping mix of romance and deception, faith and forgiveness, transgression and trial.

Janet Perez Eckles, author of Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God’s Fiesta, says, “Each scene and episode sings with heart-tugging emotion, thought-provoking insights and lasting messages of hardship and pain turned to healing, forgiveness and triumph.”

What makes The Legacy of Deer Run perfect for Christmas reading and gifting? This novel focusing on the next generation of the Lowe family is the perfect conclusion for the series. But don’t assume that only romance is found in between these pages. This tale is filled with intrigue and tension, as well as unresolved situations in the Lowe family that lead to unexpected events for the family. This story is filled with forgiveness and redemption when it seems that none can be found. And my readers describe the romance as “sizzling!” I hope that this entire series can find it’s way to your Christmas wish list as you learn so much about the early days of America.

* * * * *

The Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour runs through to December 22nd. Don’t forget to check out all the other authors on the tour. Below is a link telling you who all the authors on the tour are and what dates they will be on their own blog sharing about their novels.

Praying for a blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all my readers!!!

Elaine Marie Cooper is a writer of historical fiction as well as devotions and freelance stories for magazines. You can read one of her devotions in Edie Melson’s Fighting Fear, Winning the War at Home. Look for her upcoming historical romance story called “The Tea Set” in I Choose You, a Christmas anthology releasing in Dec. 2012 through OakTara Publishers.

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Sunday Book Review: Prize of My Heart by Lisa Norato

Posted by elainemcooper on April 22, 2012

Posted by Elaine Marie Cooper

Captain Brogan Talvis, veteran of the War of 1812, returns home to search for his son. Before he had gone to war, his spiteful wife sent his child away, breaking the devoted father’s heart. Now that his wife has died during his absence at sea, all he can focus on is finding his son and becoming the parent that he longs to be.

Returning to the mainland, his search takes him to the family of Nathaniel Huntley, a wealthy ship builder, whose daughter Lorena has become the boy’s adopted mother. Brogan devises a plan to obtain a new ship from Huntley. At the same time, the war veteran plots to abduct his child that is his only living relation.

But Brogan has not taken into account the love the surrogate mother and the now five-year-old have for each other. Nor does the desperate captain realize the attraction that he would feel for Lorena. Could he consider the consequences of breaking her heart as well as his son’s, while satisfying his own desire to get his son back?

An unexpected turn of events forces him to reconsider his quest when Lorena is in danger and Mr. Huntley begs him for help. Brogan must decide if he will help the very man standing in the way of reuniting with his precious son.

Reading Prize of My Heart was an uplifting spiritual journey of a man tormented by his past. A victim of childhood abuse and of destitution, Talvis has risen to the rank of a successful captain of his own ship. But the nightmares of his youthful traumas continue to haunt him. They drive him to reclaim his only child that he fears could suffer his own painful upbringing if he leaves him in someone else’s hands.

Talvis is a man consumed with both fear and yet faithfulness to those that he loves. But in the end, it is his realization of God’s love for him that becomes his source of healing and fulfillment.

Author Lisa Norato’s research is impeccable and the romance sweet.

A satisfying read for lovers of historical romance with a strong thread of faith woven throughout.

I give Prize of My Heart: 4 Reflections

Author Bio

Lisa Norato first discovered a love of writing when assigned to write and illustrate a children’s book at the art college she attended. She also enjoys walks with her Yorkie-poo, the New England seacoast and changing seasons, good friends, Italian food, historical dramas, and British comedy. A lifelong New Englander, Lisa lives in a historic village with homes and churches dating as far back as the eighteenth century. Currently she works as a legal assistant in the corporate department of a Rhode Island law firm. Lisa is also a member of Colonial American Christian Writers.

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The Way of a Man With A Maiden – Proverbs 30:19

Posted by elainemcooper on February 24, 2012

Posted by Elaine Marie Cooper

As a writer of inspirational Historical Romance, I’m always drawn to an interesting tidbit from the annals of old that smacks of real life romance.

While I was doing research for my most recent Revolutionary Faith post about the history of Valentine’s Day, I came across a sweet love story between a man and a maiden that took place during the American Revolution. The story swept me up with its simple detail, yet it’s depth in the characters involved.

This love story took place in South Carolina and began with a spirited teenager named Behethland Foote Moore. Although born in Virginia, her parents relocated to South Carolina when she and her two brothers were quite small. Behethland’s father died two years later, and her mother remarried a Captain Samuel Savage, who brought his new family to a residence on the Saluda River.

Behethland attended a school in Camden known for its excellent reputation. In 1781, due to an outbreak of smallpox, she was inoculated against the disease by a British surgeon. After recovering from the vaccination, Behethland returned home, only to find her town and its inhabitants on the brink of skirmishes between the King’s soldiers and the Continental Army.

Rather than succumbing to fear, the sixteen-year-old stood up to the British on more than one occasion, resisting their efforts to steal apples, preventing them from killing her family’s sheep, and protecting the life of one of her father’s servants by throwing herself between the British soldier’s fists and the boy. She must have startled them with her bold behavior because she survived each incident unscathed.

Her next act of bravery proved even more risky, as she and two other teens conveyed dangerous intelligence information by canoe in the middle of the night. Her heroic act saved the Continental troops under Colonel Henry Lee.

Perhaps it was her feisty courage or perhaps it was her beauty, but the next morning, when a young American officer rode up to her front door, the fires of romance began to kindle. The dashing twenty-one-year soldier was smitten, as was Behethland. Their courtship began soon after.

Although her step-father did not approve of the match, the way of a man with a maiden won out. Behethland and Captain William Butler were married in 1784, after the Revolutionary War ended.

Captain Butler (no, not the Clark Gable one from “Gone With The Wind”) became a member of the State Convention that adopted the United States Constitution and served in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1787 to 1795. He served in the United States Congress from 1801 to 1814 and commanded the South Carolina forces as Major General in Charleston from 1814 to 1815.

While her husband served his country and managed their plantation, Behethland bore him eight children and oversaw the education of each. Among her children’s notable occupations were several United States Congressmen and a Governor of South Carolina.

An anecdote about Behethland touched my heart:

During a terrible rainstorm one day after school, her eleven-year-old grandson saw a child “of humble means” without any protection from the weather. Despite the jeers and laughter of his companions, the young boy gave the child his arm and held his umbrella over her uncovered head. Although mocked by his friends, the boy received praise from his grandmother, who observed his generous and kind behavior.

The incident was evidence of Behethland’s legacy of love and courage, now expressed in her progeny.

Behethland Moore Butler died at the age of 88. She is buried at the old Butler Methodist Church five miles north of Saluda, South Carolina, near her husband and children. She now rests five miles from where she first saw a Continental Army officer arrive on her porch—a meeting that would change her destiny forever.

“There are three things that are too amazing for me, four that I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a maiden.” (Proverbs 30:18-19 NIV)

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Sunday Book Review: Warring Spirits by April Gardner

Posted by elainemcooper on December 4, 2011

Posted by Elaine Marie Cooper

The year is 1816 in the vast, unsettled, southern United States. Slavery is a way of life in the South and many of the Africans held in bondage on plantations have escaped below the border to a place called Negro Fort—their first taste of freedom from their masters. But the United States Army has been assigned to destroy the fort and recapture the slaves. It is here during this difficult military assignment that Major Phillip Bailey is forced to confront the painful memories of a previous war that have left him scarred both physically and emotionally. But his struggles extend to the war waging in his heart for love, as well as his growing conviction that slavery is an unjust web that entangles his military duty with his sense of morality.

This stirring sequel to Wounded Spirits leads the reader to the rugged landscape of 19th century Georgia, and follows again the lives and loves of Adela, Phillip, Totka and others as they struggle not just to survive, but find their place in a world of racial prejudice and alliances between nations that are as fragile and changing as the seasons. This gripping tale by April W. Gardner helps you fully understand the impact of that harsh time on the people in that era. Warring Spirits is an exciting and heart-wrenching story of hope, mercy, and love in a world of seeming despair. Wonderful historical fiction with an inspiring element of faith!

I give Warring Spirits: 5 Reflections out of 5

Summary of Warring Spirits:

In 1816 Georgia, escaped slaves control the land just beyond the American border in Las Floridas. Lost somewhere between white and black worlds, Milly follows hope to the only place that can offer her refuge—the place Georgians are calling Negro Fort. The first, sweet taste of freedom convinces Milly that surrender is not an option. Death would be more welcome.
Major Phillip Bailey has orders to subdue the uprising and return the runaways to their masters. Forced to fight alongside Creek warriors—the same who etched the scars into his mind and flesh—Phillip primes himself for battle. But inside, a war already rages—return for the woman he thought lost to him or concede her to the enemy she loves; follow orders or follow his heart.

Author Bio:

April W Gardner resides in Georgia with her USAF husband and two sweet kiddos. She is the author of the historical romance series, the Creek Country Saga (Warring Spirits, Wounded Spirits), as well as the children’s adventure series, the Channel Islands Resistance. She is the founder and senior editor of the fun literary website, Clash of the Titles ( In her free time, April enjoys reading, organizing, and DIY. In no particular order, she dreams of owning a horse, visiting all the national parks, and speaking Italian.

Warring Spirits is currently available in paperback at Amazon

Wounded Spirits is currently available on Kindle for $1.99

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Making or Breaking Ranks

Posted by April W Gardner on November 9, 2011

Today is a special, yet odd, day. Warring Spirits, the long awaited sequel to my debut novel, Wounded Spirits, is now available on Amazon. Yay!

That’s the special part.

The odd part is that it’s already #35 in the category Inspirational Historical Fiction. How many copies had to sell to get that number? Well, I bought a copy. LOL. Besides that, I have no idea.

What does that tell us about ranking? It tells us that labeling can make or break a Best Seller status.

Yesterday, within a few minutes of stumbling across my book on Amazon (it wasn’t due to release for another 3 weeks), I had Author Central on the phone. Three minutes later, they were well on their way to setting up the labels according to my specifications, which were exactly how they listed for Wounded Spirits. I simply said, “Please copy the labels from my first book.”

Today, the adjustment was complete and appeared on Warring Spirits’ main page as this:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #335,840 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

A small press book available for purchase 24 hours and already a Best Seller? Who would have thought, right? Actually, there are many authors on the John 3:16 Marketing Network who probably aren’t very surprised. These are the excellent marketing techniques we discuss and practice every day on the John 3:16 MN.

If you’re a Christian author and you’d like to learn more about this amazing group, founded by author Lorilyn Roberts, please visit our site.

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Revolutionary Faith

Posted by elainemcooper on March 4, 2011


I love history. While I know that makes me a historical nerd, I don’t care. There are few things I relish more than a good day in a museum or historical society filled with artifacts from the past.

Historical Society in Williamsburg, MA

So it’s no wonder that, as a writer, history drew my interest like food on the beach attracts a seagull. I swooped down and gobbled up page after page of little known facts from one of my favorite eras: the American Revolution.

The "Nerd" ready to Research!

My great affection for Colonial times in America began as a youngster. Growing up in Massachusetts, I was surrounded by one historical marker after another: the Old North Bridge in Concord (remember the shot heard round the world?), Faneuil Hall in Boston, and the Old North Church (“one if by land…”). You get the idea. I even climbed the 224 steps inside the Bunker Hill monument with my athletic cousin. I don’t think he was even panting after the arduous, vertical trek. I, however, was left gasping for air. Were I in the Battle of Bunker Hill back in 1775, I would not have had the energy at that point to fire when I saw “the whites of their eyes.”


But when it came to researching my historical novel set in 1777 and discovering the nitty-gritty of everyday 18th century life, I had to dig for details. It’s one thing to be familiar with Colonial American clothing; it’s another thing entirely to know how our ancestors processed flax from start to finish to make their clothes. So my journey to the past began, without the benefit of an actual time machine. There were days when I wished I had one.


What an adventure! From finding early town histories online, to purchasing out-of-print volumes describing day-to-day living during the Revolution, to speaking with historians as they patiently answered my myriad of questions—my inquisitive mind was running at full throttle. I was practically transported back in time to when our country looked very little like it does today. One of my research books (a modern volume) describes early America as resembling a Third World country. It was muddy and smelly, with people scratching out an existence from the land. I, personally, find it difficult to imagine a time when—excuse my bluntness—no one wore deodorant. Imagine the “aroma” in the room during the humid, summer days of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. No wonder the delegates were so testy!


But when visiting the Berkshires in western Massachusetts (the setting for my novel) for an up close and personal research tour, all thoughts of mud and bad smells quickly disseminated. I was instead, enthralled by the untarnished beauty of God’s creation.

The beautiful woods in the Berkshires

I could almost feel the hope burning in the hearts of a young country yearning to be born—the rich soil begging to provide sustenance to the growing nation. The simplicity made me long for the time when beauty was natural, and the wonder of God’s creation drew your eyes to the heavens. It was truly a time of depending on God and acknowledging His sovereign power.

This new column entitled “Revolutionary Faith” will run every other week on Fridays. It’s message will encompass not only historical facts from the time of our country’s labor pains and birth, but will incorporate a faith-filled message as well. I hope that this new venture not only increases your knowledge about early America, but strengthens your walk with the Lord as well.


Today, I am posting the document issued by then-Governor of Massachusetts John Hancock in 1791, proclaiming the holiday of Thanksgiving. For anyone skeptical about the faith of at least some of our forefathers, read on:



Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


John Hancock, Esq.


of Massachusetts.


For a Day of Public Thanksgiving.


In consideration of the many undeserved Blessings conferred upon us by GOD, the Father of all Mercies; it becomes us not only in our private and usual devotion, to express our obligations to Him, as well as our dependence upon Him; but also specially to set a part a Day to be employed for this great and important Purpose:

I HAVE therefore thought fit to appoint, and by the advice and consent of the Council, do hereby accordingly appoint, THURSDAY, the seventeenth of November next, to be observed as a Day of Public THANKSGIVING and PRAISE, throughout this Commonwealth—Hereby calling upon Ministers and People of every denomination, to assemble on the said Day—and in the name of the Great Mediator, devoutly and sincerely offer to Almighty God, the gratitude of our Hearts, for all his goodness towards us; more especially in that HE has been pleased to continue to us so great a measure of Health—to cause the Earth plentifully to yield her increase, so that we are supplied with the Necessaries, and the Comforts of Life—to prosper our Merchandise and Fishery—And above all, not only to continue to us the enjoyment of our civil Rights and Liberties; but the great and most important Blessing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ: And together with our cordial acknowledgments, I do earnestly recommend, that we may join the penitent confession of our Sins, and implore the further continuance of the Divine Protection, and Blessings of Heaven upon this People; especially that He would be graciously pleased to direct, and prosper the Administration of the Federal Government, and of this, and the other States in the Union—to afford Him further Smiles on our Agriculture and Fisheries, Commerce and Manufactures—To prosper our University and all Seminaries of Learning—To bless the virtuously struggling for the Rights of Men—so that universal Happiness may be Allies of the United States, and to afford his Almighty Aid to all People, who are established in the World; that all may bow to the Scepter of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the whole Earth be filled with his Glory.


And I do also earnestly recommend to the good People of this Commonwealth, to abstain from all servile Labor and Recreation, inconsistent with the solemnity of the said day.

Given at the Council-Chamber, in Boston, the fifth Day of October, in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-One, and in the sixteenth Year of the Independence of the United States of America.


By his Excellency’s Command,

JOHN AVERY, jun. Sec’y

GOD save the Commonwealth of MASSACHUSETTS!!





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Sunday Book Review – Uncertain Heart

Posted by Lisa Lickel on January 2, 2011

Uncertain Heart

by Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar

ISBN: 978-1-61638-023-6

Reviewed by Lisa J Lickel

c. October 2010

Realms Fiction, a division of Strang Book Group

♦♦♦♦◊ 4 1/2 Reflections

Set a few years following the initial book of the series, Uncertain Heart follows the story of Sarah McCabe, younger sister of Ben, the hero in Unwilling Warrior. Immediately following the conclusion of the Civil War, Sarah sets out for adventure from her home in a small Missouri town to find work as a music teacher in Chicago, Illinois. When she arrives, the position has dried up, so Sarah finds work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a governess or nanny for the summer to a ship captain’s four children.

From the first time I met the Captain, Brian Sinclair, I couldn’t help comparing Boeshaar’s tale with the Sound of Music. The Captain’s serious treatment of his children, his tendencies to leave for extended periods of time and even his choice of friends reminded me a little of the Von Trapp family story. Sarah even brings the gift of music as she teaches piano lessons to the children.

Boeshaar wove a charming tale of big city life in the mid-1880s for historical romantic fiction lovers. Sarah’s desire to experience independence before settling down in a home of her own draws the reader into her battle. Sarah’s quest sometimes leads her down questionable paths as she struggles to maintain a life of faithfulness in the Sinclair home. She must also contend with a cantankerous housekeeper and the very friendly and too-likeable accounting assistant, Richard Nevis.

At the end of the summer, Sinclair vows to do anything to keep Sarah in Milwaukee instead of letting her return to Chicago as a music teacher. Just how far he’s willing to go gets Sarah into plenty of trouble. When her big brothers come to her rescue, Sarah is determined to choose her own destiny. Will it be Missouri, life with Richard who wants a quiet life on the family farm or the luxury of the worldly captain? When fate intervenes, Sarah and Richard must make difficult choices.

Uncertain Heart is the second book in the Seasons of Redemption series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

*I received a copy of this book from Title Trakk for review.

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Meet historical romance author Laurie Kingery

Posted by Jen Slattery-Pheobus on November 8, 2010

Laurie Kingery has written and published more than sixteen historical romances. She won the Reader’s Choice Award for her Harlequin Historical, THE RAVEN AND THE SWAN, in 1994. Her slogan: one man + one woman + faith =one dynamic story, appears to hold true as her stories have captured hearts across America for over two decades. Her latest novel, Mail Order Cowboy, definitely delivers.

Here’s a quick blurb:

With beaux scarce in post–Civil War Texas, practical Milly Matthews and her “Spinster Society” friends have their hands full protecting their ranches. Their only hope: advertising for mail-order grooms. But aristocratic British cavalry officer Nicholas Brookfield isn’t exactly Milly’s idea of a cowboy—or a man she can trust. And the more Nick proves himself as a ranch hand, the more he must hide his past from the woman he longs to make his own. Now Milly and Nick will need all their courage to face hidden dangers…and believe in a love that can answer all their prayers.

Needless to say, I was excited about the opportunity to interview Laurie and find out more about Milly and Nick.

Me:  You used to write for the ABA market, correct? How long have you been writing for the CBA market and what led you to switch?

Laurie: My first book in the CBA came out in 2008. I’d been writing historical romance for Harlequin Historicals and Dorchester, but as a lifelong Christian, I was troubled by the increasing push in the marketplace to write more and more sexy books. Then the doors to those publishers began shutting to me–they didn’t want any more of my historicals.

I tried writing a medical suspense, which I have a great background for as an ER nurse, but I couldn’t sell that, either. I took all that to be a sign that my writing career was over. (I didn’t think I was “good enough” to write in the Christian market). But my wonderful agent, Elaine English, heard about Steeple Hill starting a historical romance line and thought I should try that. I did, and they bought my first effort, which became HILL COUNTRY CHRISTMAS! Now I know I am where the Lord wanted me to be–writing for Him.

Me: How old is your heroine, Milly?

Laurie: About 21, if memory serves

Me: What is her greatest fear?

Laurie: Superficially, that she will die an old maid, but to go deeper, that she won’t be adequate to the task of keeping the ranch going.

Me: What is her greatest strength? Her greatest weakness?

Laurie: Her determination and ability to “think outside the box” which leads her to form the “Simpson Creek Society for the Promotion of Marriage,” or “Spinsters’ Club” and advertise for mail-order grooms. Her greatest weakness is that she is too determined not to “lean” on anyone and let them help her–she’s afraid to be seen as “weak.”

Me: Some of Milly’s behaviors appear to be a bit brash for her time. How do others in the small Texas town she lives in view her?

Laurie: Some of the older ladies of the town think her plan to “import bachelors” is “fast behavior,” and not ladylike behavior. But nothing succeeds like success, and when the first bachelor to arrive in response to the advertisement becomes her lifelong love, other single ladies are willing to take a chance, too, and she eventually earns the respect of even the most disapproving of the townspeople.

Me: Milly and Nick, the British solder who comes to her rescue, or at least, answers her add, appear to be like oil and water. What were Milly’s impressions of Nick when they first met? Nick’s of Milly?

Laurie: Nick is instantly attracted, and admires her pluck in organizing the single ladies even before he meets her, and is even more impressed when he sees what she’s been able to do so far in running the ranch with only an old cowboy, his young nephew and her sister to help. Milly, while she finds him handsome, is convinced that an aristocratic Englishman will never be equal to the harsh demands of running a ranch and defending it against Comanches and outlaws. His soldierly background, and his determination to succeed and win her heart, eventually change her mind, of course.:)

Me: Milly and her “Simpson Creek Society for Marriage” cracked me up. What other odd or quirky behaviors, ideas or personality traits does Milly have?

Laurie: She secretly likes defying society in minor ways like riding her horse bareback, and astride, instead of using a ladylike sidesaddle. And she hates to cook–it’s up to sister Sarah to keep the kitchen going.

Me: What did you enjoy most in writing this book?

Laurie: I enjoyed the world-building aspect of starting a series–setting up my own imaginary town and peopling it with characters who would continue to appear in subsequent books, though each will stand alone. I was fortunate to be able to travel to the site in San Saba County, Texas, and was surprised to learn there really was a community on Simpson Creek in the 1800’s! And I love “fish out of water” stories when I can mix British aristocracy with the wild West. And it was fun researching British colonial India for Nick’s backstory, for Nick was a British cavalry officer who left India in disgrace, as well as Nick’s secret malady…

Me: What are you working on now?

Laurie: I am writing the fourth book in the Brides of Simpson Creek series, about Milly’s friend Caroline, who has loved and lost and is determined to never risk her heart again. Of course her hero changes her mind…It’s tentatively titled COURTING CARO, but the editors always change my titles, so who knows what the final title will be. It’s supposed to be out in late 2011.

Laurie Kingery is an Ohio author who writes inspirational historicals for Steeple Hill. Visit her website to find out more about her and her writing.  Her next release from Steeple Hill, MAIL ORDER COWBOY, releases in mid-November 2010.

Thanks, Laurie, for visiting with us today! Mail Order Cowboy sounds like a must-read!



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